Study Skills

Study Skills Tutoring

The easiest way to a bad report card is to forget to turn in an assignment! Our professional tutors will coach students on how to stay organized, understand due dates, and learn not to procrastinate. Study Skills are fundamental to any Study Sparkz program. We incorporate study skills in conjunction with other subjects (i.e. math, science, etc) but can also tutor it independently.

Study Sparkz tutors are not only experts in subject matter, but are also well-versed in conveying to your student the fundamental techniques needed to improve their studying skills. This begins with the wise usage of time.

Whether you need help with time management, organization, prioritization, listening, note taking, reading, studying, retention, or test taking, our Study Skills tutoring is designed to highlight significant areas that will one day become a never-ending source of illumination to your student.

All of our Study Sparkz Catalyst Learning Programs incorporate the development of study skills.

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