When you entrust your child’s academic growth to Study Sparkz you have every right to expect positive results. Our goal is to help them to be their best!

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“I have tried several different tutoring solutions for my daughter and have found the winning solution with you…I recommend Study Sparkz tutoring services to any parent looking for tutoring that works.”Suzanne, Study Sparkz Parent

"Study Sparkz has built our daughter's confidence, her skills are becoming ingrained, through constant reinforcement. We are very pleased and plan on continuing indefinitely." Mr G., Study Sparkz Parent

"Within months, Veronica's grades went from D's and F's to A's and B's. I was ecstatic but not surprised because I was witnessing a transformation in Veronica which clearly planted the strong seeds of confidence on the night a specialist met with Veronica. Her tutors were meticulous, patient, gentle and understood how to work with a visual learner like Veronica. She loved every single one of her tutors and was saddened when she no longer needed their services as she had developed wonderful rapports with the tutors. Nevertheless, she walked away from this experience with a diploma in her hand and a very special glow." Karen, Study Sparkz Parent

"Thank you Study Sparkz, you inspire young children in education, build their confidence and remove frustrations - It gives parents a break." Study Sparkz Parent

We are very happy with the services we have been receiving from our tutor Jeannie for our children. Jeannie is wonderful and provides enrichment to our kids at their level. We would recommend our tutor and Study Sparkz to any parent." Beth, Study Sparkz Parent

Our son Miles loves his tutor Akhil. Akhil explains concepts very well and at Miles' level so he gets them. Akhil deserves a thumbs up! Tell him to keep up the good work!Julie, Study Sparkz Parent

“Awesome tutoring service! Best thing that ever happened to us, because Study Sparkz covers all what we need and levels up to our children’s requirements”
Hanna, Study Sparkz Parent

"I contacted Study Sparkz in order to find a tutor for my son to help him develop his skills. By the end of the first semester, my son earned A's and B's in many of his classes. I am very happy and I strongly recommend Study Sparkz to every parent!"
Study Sparkz Parent

“Darleen is an excellent tutor. Not only does she have a solid knowledge of the subject matter, she knows how to teach the concepts to another person…Nicole feels at ease and enjoys the sessions, which also facilitates her learning.”
Susan, Study Sparkz Parent

Things are going great with Jessica, our daughter Corinn's tutor. Corinn really likes her and looks forward to their sessions together. Jessica has reached out to Corinn's teacher to get a better understanding of her performance in class. They talked about what Jessica could do to make their sessions more beneficial for Corinn. I am so thankful for Jessica taking the time to do that. I am so grateful to her & the Study Sparkz program. Thank you! Fionne, Study Sparkz Parent