Middle School

Study Sparkz Catalyst Tutoring Program for Middle School Students

An important element for Middle School students is to learn organizational skills, study skills, and time management as their class loads become heavier and they transition to high school. Our tutors help children develop study skills while teaching the subject matter, setting them up for a successful transition to higher learning. So whether your young teen needs support with reading, writing, math, science or social studies we incorporate the elements needed to build a solid foundation and confidence to excel in the classroom and prepare for a bright future.
Based on your young teen's needs we have a program that will spark their success:


1 subject
1 teacher consult per semester


Up to 2 subjects
1 teacher consult per semester
Supplemental materials


Up to 3 subjects
2 teacher consults per semester
Supplemental materials
Library / interactive visits



"I contacted Study Sparkz in order to find a tutor for my son to help him develop his skills. By the end of the first semester, my son earned A's and B's in many of his classes. I am very happy and I strongly recommend Study Sparkz to every parent!"

- Mr G., Study Sparkz Parent