High School

Study Sparkz Catalyst Tutoring Program for HighSchool Students

Today's High School student faces many challenges and pressures such as:

  • Frustration with math, science, writing

  • Multiple activities creating distractions

  • Getting a good score on the SAT

  • Anxiety with college admissions essay

  • Feeling completely lost in class

These are real challenges that students face every day. The good news is that these challenges can be met head on. The key in being successful lies in preparation. We tutor in all high school subjects. Our tutors help students learn strategies for taking college entrance standardized tests and provide individual instruction to improve students' essays and grammar skills for a successful transition to college.


1 subject
1 teacher consult per semester
Development of study skills
College prep review each semester


Up to 2 subjects
1 teacher consult per semester
Supplemental materials
Development of study skills
College prep review each semester
2 hour college advisement session


Up to 3 subjects
2 teacher consults per semester
Supplemental materials
Library / interactive visits

With all of our tutoring programs you will benefit from:

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Convenient, one to one, in-home tutoring

  • Guaranteed ideal tutor match

  • Experienced and credentialed Professionals

  • 360 Degree monitoring to ensure we are meeting goals



"I was very frustrated and school had become a great big wall in my relationship with my daughter. But within months, Veronica's grades went from D's and F's to A's and B's. I was witnessing a transformation in her that was clearly a sign of future success in her life. One-to-one tutoring made all of the difference. Her tutors were meticulous, patient, gentle and understood how to work with a visual learner like my daughter. She has a diploma and I have her back."

- Karen