College Admissions

Get Into the College of Your Choice

Getting into college is the dream of tens of thousands every year, and as such becomes a very competitive endeavor. The admissions process can either leave you lost in the crowd or you can stand out like a beacon on a hill. Having the right help can make all the difference. Your Study Sparkz College Advisor will personally walk you through each step toward the college that is either your best choice or is the best fit for your financial/scholarship situation.

We will:

  • Help you learn the admissions process

  • Assist you in compiling a list of schools that fit your program desires, needs and qualifications

  • Analyze your admission strengths and make recommendations for improvement

  • Review your application from an Admissions Committee perspective

  • Assist you in writing a correctly formatted and insightful college entrance essay

  • Prepare you for the interview by reviewing questions and formulating answers

  • Make sure you secure the right people to write effective recommendation letters

  • Guide you in meeting application deadlines

  • Maximize your chances for acceptance

  • Maintain communication to answer questions and offer guidance until you receive your acceptance letter

  • Help you negotiate scholarship funding from the university upon acceptance

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- Karen